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Banner page uploaded, main page updated!

This was NOT as light of an update as I thought this would be! In regular for-want-of-a-nail fashion I “just” wanted to get my links page sorted (and it is! Got some cool links there and my own banner!) and the home page to actually list more than a single line unformatted description for each blog entry. But that is kind of… Not the usual direction Astro themes’ blog listing pages apparently?

Which is weird since that’s kinda a basic thing for a blog, but it’s definitely not how Astro does it.

I’d cheated at launch by using the getEntryBySlug method to be able to access <Content/>, but I wasn’t being able to do the same when using getCollection. BUT even if I had managed to yank the content, I do go really long on my blog posts and spitting out the whole entry without a read more link was gonna get someone’s thumb or scroll wheel broken at my expense.

So my method was adding a string array to my post’s frontmatter where I set up the paragraphs that’ll be put in before the read more link I added, set it so I could use HTML on those paragraphs and then even added another string to the frontmatter to link from the read more link!

You can see it in action on the first post. I could technically spit out the whole post that way, but I would trade off the Markdown formatting since I can’t get the paragraphs to render it instead of HTML. Basically, it’s a lil jank but it’s being ok? I’ll really have to make some proper notes.

I’ll still be doing other changes to how I format my posts, it’s possible to add tags to astro posts and Astro’s Build a Blog Tutorial does show how to do that. I just haven’t had the time to do it yet.

Ok Cit, and what else have you been up to then?

A lot! Some work stuff and if you’ve been around my social media the kickstarter for the Fujoshi Guide to Web Development just ended! I helped with some minor stuff and cheerleading and I really believe in the mission statement. That’s kind of why I wanna git good at explaining what I do when I hack into Astro’s collections, because Astro is a pretty cool way to make a website. And I’ve already got some stuff to talk about like:

I’ve also been reading Naomi Novik’s Scholomance series, AND WOW, it’s been a LONG while since I got so sucked into a book series! I started reading them on the 20th and knocked down book 1, 2 and a chunk of 3 in a total of 40-ish hours (non-consecutive, I’m not all-nighter-for-reading young anymore), go read it! And I’ve been playing Stardew Valley to chill as well. I’ll have to elaborate on this later but Rasmodia best girl.

Guess that covers most of everything I wanted to talk about? I still gotta figure out the OC pages, but I’m on break with FFXIV and gotta sort out Loro’s art… Plus a lot of hobby stuff I haven’t been doing as much because I got sucked into the Scholomance and updating this dang thing.


- Citro

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