Citro, who's also a dork

And we're back!

SO! I’ve rebooted my neocities more times than I’ve used it, let me tell you.

We are FINALLY re-open for business though! Getting this site to shape up did imply a lot more re(-re-re-re-re…)building than I expected even when I first started working on rebooting the site back in February, and naively thought I’d have it done on time for the 23rd for the year and a day joke of finally finishing a site I started on February 22nd 2022.

But if I’m posting this now it means I’ve managed to continue to figure out Astro (And Tailwind! I really like Tailwind!) and I’m actually comfortable with how the site is structured, its look and the content stuff to show in it as well.

The stuff really is the most important bit truth be told. We talk about how nice it would be for everyone to have a website but I fully feel the people who go “What the heck would I even put in one?”. I myself am not a frequent artist or writer, and the last years have been odd (both at the personal level and in the fandom zeitgeist) to a point where even my involvement in fandom has been sketchy at best.

So yes, what will I put here?

Specially since I did throw out the 2022 posts to start fresh…

In the end, all I want is the little online niche I haven’t had since the porn ban took me out of the infinitely manicured webcorner my tumblr used to be. Even the layout here is frankly a bit reminescent of old tumblr themes, and frankly that’s kind of on purpose.

Guess that’s a good enough mission statement. 😊

Love and Peace!

- Citro

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