Citro @ Neocities

Here's what's been popping as the kids say

17 Apr 2022

Site rebuild in progress

Using Astro as this site's static page generator now. Things still look a bit rough and a lot of stuff is missing now (The Elsewhere page - which on the HTML only version of my site was the only subpage that was more than a skeleton, so it's the only one still standing on the component I'm passing off as a nav bar - is technically displaying as a blog entry but I'm letting it be *for now*) but hopefully it'll work out for the better!

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27 Feb 2022

Starting on the structure and CSS

Ok I have a rough idea of how this site will be structured now, but I'm still figuring out how to use flexbox in an aesthetically pleasing manner. My attempt is still only on my own machine and will remain so until it doesn't look pretty awful lmao.

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22 Feb 2022

Welcome to Citro @ Neocities!

Hey! I'm Citro, today is February 22nd 2022 and I wanted to restart my neocities and actually use it this time around. Choosing a cute date like 22/02/22 to start that seemed like a good plan.

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