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Tags and userpics get!

A witch with a curly blueish dark bob of hair, MASSIVE boobs and a witch hat obscures her eyes. In this icon she's holding up a pink potion in a glass vial.

Every day I put (or plan to put) new things on the site. 😅

So the new things today are: Adding Ojou’s guestbook entry, which made me redesign the guestbook page slightly, and I added userpics to my blog entries! Like we’re on LJ or DW! And both frankly taught me A LOT about how Astro collections work, specially since they also kinda changed up a little with Astro 2.5. (The getEntryBySlug method I mentioned as having used earlier on the site’s history for example is actually deprecated now, things move really fast with Astro!)

And now I also have tags on my blog entries! As it stands I don’t really have any entries tagged with anything other than site updates lol. I do swear I want to use this site for proper blogging, as you can attest by me installing a userpic and tagging system, but it’s literally half one at this point after what I thought would be a short push to get everything finalized earlier this evening (and was a month and a half after I first started building the tagging system) 🥱 The actual blogging ends up suffering a little over me building the bridge as I cross it! 😂😂😂

I… Do NOT want to think about what I’ll have to do to get my code ready for sharing. I do want to make stuff like the tagging and userpic collections available and easy to use for others but oooo boy I’m barely trained in frontend and mostly code after my work day or while trying to relax in the weekends and it probably shows. Hence why I haven’t actually made any sort of guide to this site’s theme 😳

I’m feeling very sleepy at this stage so I’m just gonna finish up some icon metadata and get this uploaded. Sorry for taking so long to update the site and getting your comment online Ojou!

And oh! Another thing! Since I’m atually nostalgic about them and not just in the business of stealing their style I recently made (and plan to use) a new Dreamwidth account as well which I’m hoping to be able to crosspolinate a bit with this site. If you don’t see it already I might crosspost the entry I have there to this blog since it’s a pretty decent intro to my current deal. I don’t really plan on making them perfect mirrors of each other in the slightest, but you can never have too many internet homes.

I genuinely can’t stay up much longer than I already have at this point so I really gotta go! I’ve travelled and been working on my fanfic recently, hopefully I’ll talk about that soon!

Have fun everyone!

- Citro

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