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Needy Streamer Overload is a suckerpunch of a game ngl

Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul looking kind of exasperated with her face mostly hidden by a book.

I’d been seeing Needy Stremer Overload/Needy Girl Overdose on youtube shorts and I think a couple of songs ended up on my Spotify so I got it on a whim today after seeing it on sale, and I had time today so I got to complete a couple endings.

It’s honestly pretty interesting! It certainly requires a certain terminally online personality to appreciate it and at least some knowledge of stremer culture as well. There’s a pinch of Doki Doki Literature Club to it and I feel there’s a certain ShindoL Metamorphosis tragedy to the writing. I think that’s good! I’m just no college student anymore so I had to spoil myself to some endings (THERE’S 27?!) - there’s a true ending you only get after unlocking the others and I kinda wanna get it but at the same time… oof there’s only so much time I have for videogames… I say as a Final Fantasy XIV player…

Man, one thing I wanna note is that one of the shorts I landed on pointed out the *** action as “sus” and it’s just… Oh the goldmine of metacommentary that’s in a youtuber being immature about sex for clicks about this game in particular - and making it look like the player is doing anything worse than what at the start of the game is an action that can be 100% just be Ame and P-chan having a perfectly normal sex life.

They know this of course! A youtuber pointing out sexual things in a Mature rated game to teehee at with their all ages audiences is just part of the job. Playing it just made me extremely cynical about it all!

It’s genuinely a good game and makes a lot of observations I find really interesting about the state of the internet and I think I wanna write about that too! I need a bit more time to chew on it tho, playing so much of it today was intense…

That’ll be all for today! TTYL!

- Citro

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