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    • Let there be Pagination! Also fic updates!

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      It really took me a while but I finally managed to get pagination to work on this web site! Now we only see two entries per page and I no longer live in fear of having to pay for someone's hospital bill for making them scroll too much and breaking their thumb!

      Speaking of breaking your thumb with long pages, I made some edits to On Missing Heaven! It is indeed a little longer than it used to be, and it was a fun exercise in grabbing 2021 me's shoulders and going "No sweetie, you don't get away with not saying the word sex in this sentence or avoid mentioning his boner."

      This is in the service of making Helltaker actually sound like a dude who went to hell to smash mad quantities of demon puss instead of a pussy author from a culturally catholic country. I don't think I have the same hold up about writing the Slot A into Tab B as I had back then, which is a good sign because I think the fic I'm working on now can only actually work if I have them in.

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    • Needy Streamer Overload is a suckerpunch of a game ngl

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      I'd been seeing Needy Stremer Overload/Needy Girl Overdose on youtube shorts and I think a couple of songs ended up on my Spotify so I got it on a whim today after seeing it on sale, and I had time today so I got to complete a couple endings.

      It's honestly pretty interesting! It certainly requires a certain terminally online personality to appreciate it and at least some knowledge of stremer culture as well. There's a pinch of Doki Doki Literature Club to it and I feel there's a certain ShindoL Metamorphosis tragedy to the writing. I think that's good! I'm just no college student anymore so I had to spoil myself to some endings (THERE'S 27?!) - there's a true ending you only get after unlocking the others and I kinda wanna get it but at the same time... oof there's only so much time for videogames... I say as a Final Fantasy XIV player...

      Man, one thing I wanna note is that one of the shorts I landed on pointed out the *** action as "sus" and it's just... Oh the goldmine of metacommentary that's in a youtuber being immature about sex for clicks about this game in particular...

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