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This page is still heavily under construction, but here you'll eventually find a gallery of the art I've drawn or comissioned for my OCs, and maybe a few picrews as well. Most of my OCs are Dungeons and Dragons PCs, and Moss is here to make it so it's not ALL D&D.


A short, brown haired elf with olive skin and big glasses. She wears a dress shirt and a vest with multiple pockets.

Author, nerd and bladesinger wizard. Part of my biweekly D&D game since 2017.

Moss'itro Dorks

A chibi drawing of my WoL Moss'itro Dorks jumping down with a giant ax in her hands

My FFXIV WoL, trial begun in May 2022, still not past ARR at time of writing. The pre-Heavensward slog is brutal...

Both drawings above were made by Yami!

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